• Welcome to Mr. Gault's Class


                Everyone is expected to attend class every day, be on time and be prepared (folder, paper, writing utencil).
     15% - Quizzes/Homework/Worksheets      20% - Tests       50% - Projects       15% - Participation
     A final project/test makes up 1/5 of your semester grade


    Student Expectations

                Academics:Willingness to learn, work completed on time, organized

    Behavior:  Cooperative with others, Acceptable social actions (No Profuse Swearing, No Labeling, No Roughhousing)

    Supplies:  The tools are yours to use.  Use them when needed.  Use them with care.  Place them back where they belong, free of dirt.

    Leave the room clean and neat.


    Student make-up policy


    Missing class


    Students that miss class for any reason are responsible to make up the missed work and/or time.  It is the responsibility of the student to set up a time that is convenient for Mr. Gault, generally pre-signed passes during study hall will work.  If the student fails to take responsibility for their missed educational material in the alloted time as per the student handbook, they will receive a zero. Students with without legitimate excuses will not be able to make up the work.


    Students that miss class due to a field trip or a band lesson will not receive a zero participation grade but will be expected to  make up the work.


    Making up a poor/failing grade.


    Students who wish to improve a grade have the privilege to retake a quiz, worksheet or homework during a time that is convenient for Mr. Gault and the student.  There will be no penalty for retaking these assignments, but the retake has to be done within a week of the due date.  However, if the student develops a habit of doing poorly on the first take of the quiz/homework and continually retakes the assignment or if a student fails to do better the second time he/she will lose the privilege of making up a grade for the rest of the current term.  Emailing Mr. Gault through the school Goggle account is the best way to have online assignments reset.  Assignments not completed by the due date cannnot be made up.  Students will not be able to retake tests. 

    Redoing homework assignments are possible without penalty during the time before the assignment is actually due and up to one week after the due date if the assignment was attempted by the due date, otherwise, if the assignment is not completed by the due date the homework cannot be reset or submitted for a grade.