• Welcome to Physics! In this class, students will get to learn about all the different processes that affect everything in the universe, including laws of motion, magnetism, electricity, light, quantum physics, and much more. Students in this class can get more information, including class resources and assignments, from the Google Classroom page found at https://classroom.google.com/c/NTM3Njc4MTgwMDc1. The class code is: m6rpbpp. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Below is a syllabus for this semester. Depending on many different variables, this timeline may change. However, I will do my best to keep pace with this plan.

    • Unit 1: Fundamentals (September 7th to September 16th). In this unit we will cover basic scientific fundamentals students will need in order to learn the information in the following units.
    • Unit 2: Mechanics (September 19h to December 2nd). In this unit we will learn about Newton’s Three Laws, concurrent forces such as gravity and friction, momentum, trajectories and circular motion.
    • Unit 3: Energy (December 5th to February 3rd). In this unit we will study energy by calculating work and power, by looking at different forms of energy including potential and kinetic, and by using springs and pendulums to prove the conservation of energy.
    • Unit 4: Electricity and Magnetism (February 6th to March 16th). In this unit you will learn how electricity moves through a wire, how to build a circuit, how voltage, current and resistance are related, how magnetic fields are created.
    • Unit: 5: Waves (March 20th to April 28th). In this unit we will cover waves in all forms, including sound, and light.
    • Unit 6: Modern Physics (May 1st to May 26th). This unit focuses on the more recent advances in physics, including Plank’s Equation, atomic research and quantum physics.
    • Review (May 30th to June 13th). During this unit, we will review all the material the students learned this semester and prepare to take the Regents’ Exam.
    • The Regents’ Exam will be on June 22nd.

    -Mr. Monteferante

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