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    Fall Semester

     Living Environment Regents


    Tuesday January 25th (Afternoon)


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  • Weekly Course Overview

    Week Of: 9/7/21 - 9/10/21 



    •  No School (Labor Day)


    • Topic: Levels of Ecology 
    • Objective:SWBAT delineate between the levels of ecology and explain how they constitute the biosphere. 
    • HW) Notes Food Chains/Webs & Energy Pyramids 


    • Topic: Food Chains/Webs & Energy Pyramids 
    • Objective: SWBAT describe the flow of flow of energy through the biosphere. 
    • HW) Notes Biological Relationships & Key. Stone Species 


    • Topic: Biological Relationships & Key Stone Species 
    • Objective: SWBAT explain how biological relationships function and contribute to the biosphere. 
    • HW) Notes Population Growth & Carrying Capacity 


    • Topic: Population Growth & Carrying Capacity 
    • Objective: SWBAT explain what drives population growth patterns in an ecosystem.
    • HW) Notes Biochemical Cycles 
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  • Fall Semester Marking Periods 


    1st Marking Period  - September 7th - October 1st 

    2nd Marking Period  - October 4th - November 5th 

    3rd Marking Period  - November 8th - December 10th 

    4th Marking Period - December 13th - January 25th 

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