05-10-16 Agenda

Edwards-Knox Central School
Board of Education
Regular Meeting
May,10 2016
Partial Agenda

I. Call to order by Chairman

II. Public Participation
   a.  Kindergarten iPad Presentation
III. Board Member Issues

IV. Approval of Minutes                                                                      Board Action

V. Business
   a.  Treasurer's Report           02/2016      03/2016                           Board Action
   b.  Claims Auditor Reports    04/2016      05/2016                           Board Action
   c.  Payment of Warrants       04/2016      05/2016                    Board Discussion 

VI. New Business:
   a.  Tri-County Energy Consortium                                                   Board Action
   b.  Inter-Municipal Legal Services                                            Board Discussion
   c.  Fire Inspection Report                                                         Board Discussion
   d.  Election Inspectors for the 2016-2017 School Budget Vote       Board Action
   e.  Annual Ballot Destruction - 2015-2016 Election                         Board Action 
   f.   Athletic Merger 2016-2017                                                         Board Action
   g.  Department of Social Services Interview Form/Ferrara      Board Discussion
   h.  Foster Parents                                                                    Board Discussion
   i.  LAP School Designation                                                      Board Discussion
   j.  Professional Development Plan                                                  Board Action
   k.  Non-Resident Students                                                              Board Action
   l.  Upcoming TRS Audit                                                           Board Discussion
 m. Capital Outlay SEQRA                                                                 Board Action 
VII. Executive Session
   a.  Transportation Staff   
   b. Findings from Executive Session 4/18/16 
   c.  Responses from Mark Rice
   d.  Letter of Discipline
   e. Grievance Step 1
   f.  Grievance Step 2
   g.  MOA
VIII. Personnel
         Resignation                                                                              Board Action
         Part-Time Cleaner                                                                    Board Action
         Chief Information Officer                                                           Board Action
         Tenure                                                                                      Board Action
IX.  CSE    CPSE                                                                             Board Action
X. Superintendent's, Principals' & Bus. Mngr Reports               Board Discussion

XI. Other

XII. Adjournment