05-24-16 Agenda

Edwards-Knox Central School
Board of Education
Regular Meeting
May 24, 2016
Partial Agenda

I. Call to order by Chairman

II. Public Participation
      Denise Koser 

III. Board Member Issues
IV. New Business:
     a.  Award of Contracts Phase 2A                                                         Board Action
     b.  A-1 Construction Bid Withdrawal                                             Board Discussion
     c.  Audit Proposal                                                                                 Board Action 
     c.  Tri-County Energy Consortium                                                        Board Action
     d.. First Reading of Policy:
              5661 District Wellness Policy                                                      Board Action 
V.  Executive Session                                                                         Board Discussion 
VI. Personnel
              Substitute                                                                                     Board Action
              Teacher                                                                                        Board Action 
VII. Other

VIII. Adjournment