Project #7: Introduction to Tattoo Design

Posted by Jennifer Impey on 4/11/2022

Today’s essential question: Is a tattoo a piece of art, and if so, what makes it art?

Today we will:

  1. Discuss whether a tattoo must have meaning to be a good tattoo.
  2. Understand how originality and plagiarism affect that tattoo industry.
  3. Brainstorm ideas for a tattoo and/or sticker design.

Project Objectives:

  1. Design a tattoo that is size appropriate for placement on the body.
    • Students who do not wish to create a tattoo may design a fun sticker (or set of stickers!) instead.
  2. Create a tattoo that has meaning to you (or someone else) and be able to explain how and why the tattoo is a work of art.
  3. Utilize source imagery to design an original piece of art.
  4. Work between Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to design the tattoo.
  5. Continue working in layers in Adobe Illustrator and refine your skill with the pen tool and shape tools.

Watch the following videos for insight on tattoo design:

Do Tattoos Need to Have Meaning?

Bringing in Your Own Tattoo Design

**Please note that there is some language in both of these videos. The purpose of watching these videos is not to encourage you to get a tattoo, BUT to understand how the tattoo industry is viewed as a fine art. These videos will also show you how tattoo artists view originality and plagiarism in the tattoo field.

Organize your Flash Drive:

  1. Create a new folder in your Illustrator folder called “Tattoo Design” or “Sticker Design”.
  2. Inside your project folder, create a new folder titled “Tattoo Source Images”.
  3. Do a google search for source images that you might use to design your tattoo/sticker and save 10-15 of them to your folder.

Answer the following questions and submit in today's assignment in Google Classroom:

  1. Discuss your viewpoint of a tattoo. If you were ever going to get a tattoo, would it need to have meaning to you or could it just be a "really sweet piece of art"?
  2. List some ideas you have for a tattoo design. It can be a tattoo design for you or for someone else.
  3. Save 10-15 source images you will use when designing your tattoo to your flash drive. Upload a screenshot (Comment+4) to your Google Classroom assignment before submitting.