11-12-13 Agenda

Edwards-Knox Central School
Board of Education
Regular Meeting
November 12, 2013
Partial Agenda

I.   Call to order by Chairman

II.  Public Participation

III. Board Member Issues

IV. Approval of Minutes                                                                   Board Action

V.  Business
     a.   Abolish Tax Certiorari Reserve - Time Lapse                      Board Action
     b.   Return Unpaid School Taxes to County                                             Board Action
     c.   Payment of Warrants                                                                                       Board Action
     d.   Claims Auditor Reports                                                                                 Board Action
     e.    Northern NY Community Foundation                                                 Board Action
     f.    Treasurer's Report                                                                                           Board Action
     g.   5-year Projected Budget                                                                   Board Discussion

VI. New Business:
      a.  Regent Dawson Dinner Meeting                                                           Board Action
       b.  School Law Briefing                                                                              Board Discussion
      c.   2nd Meeting in November - Necessary                                  Board Discussion
VII. Personnal
                  Substitute Teachers                                                                                   Board Action
                Cheerleading Assistant Coach                                                           Board Action
               8th Grade Class Co-Advisor                                                                Board Action
            Juul                                                                                                                              Board Action
                  A.D.  and Reappointment                                                                        Board Action
              Grievance - Bus Garage - SEA - BOE  Level                     Board Discussion
             Maternity Leave    JI     NB                                                                           Board Action
           2013-14 Teacher APPR Agreement                                                     Board Action
VIII. CSE                                                                                                                                Board Action
IX.   Superintendent's, Principals' & Bus. Mngr Reports          Board Discussion

X.    Other

XI.   Adjournment