• Materials:

    • 3-ring binder. ( You may share with another subject )
    • Chromebook 
    • Pencil, pen with blue or black ink.
    • Textbook / Handouts
    • A place to keep handouts/tests/quizzes / worksheets.

    Web Information:


    • Homework is graded daily at the start of class for being complete with all the work shown. If your work is illegible it will be counted as incorrect.
    • Late homework will only be accepted if there is an absence and an excuse is brought in the day after the absence.
    • Homework must be done in pencil or blue/black pen.


    • Tests and quizzes will be graded with the same weighting.
    • Quizzes may be scheduled or given as “pop” quizzes.
    • All tests will be scheduled in advance on my website to allow for studying.


    • EKCS Attendance Regulations will be followed. (Handbook)
    • A legal excuse must be turned in the day after an absence or a zero will be given for the missed work.
    • One day will be given to make up work for each day of absence.


    • Tests & Quizzes 50%; Homework 50%

    Music Lessons:

    • You do not get extra time for homework if you miss class due to a music lesson.
    • You are still responsible for the homework due the day after your lesson.
    • You must turn in the day’s homework before you go to your lesson.

    Classroom Rules:

    • The Edwards-Knox Code of Conduct will be followed.
    • No hats are to be worn in my classroom.
    • Gum is allowed IF I DON’T SEE IT OR HEAR IT. BE POLITE!!!!