• Vacancies

    We currently have the following anticipated openings:  

    * FTE Tenure Track Earth Science/Physics Teacher (seeking both certifications for the 2023/24 school year, application deadline noon, April 14, 2023) 
    * FTE Head Lifeguard/Pool Facilities Manager/Custodial Worker (CPO certification preferred, lifeguard certification required, anticipated start date July 1,
      2023, application deadline noon, April 14, 2023) 
    * FTE Tenure Track Social Worker (ongoing search)
    * FTE Tenure Track School Psychologist (ongoing search)
    * FTE Tenure Track School Counselor (ongoing search)
    * FTE Tenure Track Special Education Teacher (ongoing search)
    **All certifications and pending certifications will be considered.
    We also have immediate openings for the following positions:  
    Substitutes in the following areas: Bus Driver, Bus Monitor, Clerical, Cafeteria, Teacher and Teacher Assistant. (this is an ongoing search without an application deadline)

     ** All transcripts should be sent to the attention of Brandi Graham, District Clerk

  • Substitute Daily/Hourly Rates

    Interested in substituting in our district? Below are the rates paid to substitute staff as of December 2021.

    • Certified Teacher or B.A. Degree: $130/day
    • Retired Certified Teacher: $150/day
    • Uncertified Teacher: $112.50/day
    • Certified Teacher Assistant: $107.50/day
    • Uncertified Teacher Assistant: $102.50/day
    • Bus Driver: $20/hr (effective 11/9/2023)
    • Retired E-K Bus Driver: $23/hr (effective 11/9/2023)
    • Bus Monitors - $14.20/hr
    • Custodial: $14.20/hr
    • Clerical: $108.75/day or $54.375/half day
    • Cafeteria: $14.20/hr
    • RN: $150/day
    • LPN: $120/day