Physical Education
    Elizabeth Burke
     My 9-10th grade PE classes are swimming starting on January 9. Please help to remind your child to be prepared for swim class. At this level, we will be playing games in the pool. On Fridays, students will be asked to complete a 10 lap swim for fitness.
     All students discussed the PE expectation sheet on the first day of class. I have posted the expectation sheet below.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail. 
    Please help to remind students in grades K-4 to wear sneakers each day they have Physical Education. Students in grades 5-12 need to have a change of clothes as well as sneakers.  

    EKCS Physical Education

    Course Policy


    Dress Code

    -          Students are required to change their clothes before and after class to receive full credit

    -          Each student is expected to bring a complete change of clothes for each class

    -          Must adhere to the school’s dress code

    o   T-Shirt/Sweatshirts only will be allowed

    o   Athletic pants/shorts and sweatpants will be allowed

    o   Footwear must be properly fastened, with appropriate support and traction

    -          While in the pool:

    o   Females must wear a one piece, tank style competitive swimsuit

    o   If a two piece is worn, students will be required to put an appropriate t-shirt on

    o   Males, are required to wear swimming trunks (no speedos)

    o   T-shirts will be allowed, but they must be snug and used for swimming (i.e. under-armor, body glove, and any other water shirt.)

    Unprepared Students

    -          Students who are unprepared will be given an assignment sheet to complete during class.

    -          Assignments for other classes will not be worked on during class

    -          The assignment sheet will allow the students to earn up to 50% of their daily grade for that class

    -          No more than 3 of these assignment sheets can be completed each quarter

    -          The 4th and 5th time a student is unprepared, they will be sent to the office, and receive two afterschool suspensions each

    -          Students will receive a zero, and will be sent to the office for the period if they refuse to compete the assignment sheet

    -          If a student is unprepared 6 times in one marking period, they will automatically fail the ten week marking period

    -          If a student receives and unprepared, they will not be allowed to make-up that class



    -          Students are expected to make-up all work missed from being legally absent

    -          Unexcused absences may NOT be made up

    -          Excused absences may be made up with in one full 6 day cycle, or else the student will receive a zero.

    -          Three short term medical excuses from a parent, nurse, or doctor can be accept each quarter

    -          Short term medical excuses can be made-up as long as an assignment sheet has been completed

    -          If classes are not made up, the student will receive a zero for that class

    -          If a student is out for more than three classes, it is considered a long term excuse, and a doctor’s note is needed

    -          Students with long term medical notes will have the choice to make-up the classes or complete a project in-class

    Procedures and Safety Rules

    -          No cell phones are to be used in the locker rooms

    -          Cell phones are only allowed in the gym when permission in granted

    -          Locker rooms will be locked during class

    -          Students will have 3 and a half minutes to change once the second bell have rung

    -          Students are not allowed in the storage rooms without permission

    -          No touching of equipment until instructed to

    -          Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in the gym

    -          All jewelry must be removed

    -          Foul language is not permitted

    -          Aerosol hair sprays, deodorants, or glass containers are not allowed in or around the locker rooms and gymnasiums

    -          Any personal belongings that are lost or reported stolen are not the teacher’s responsibility


    -          Daily Grade

    o   On-time

    o   Prepared

    o   Actively Engaged

    o   Participation

    o   Sportsmanship/Respect

    o   Safety

    -          Assessment Grade

    o   Assignments

    o   On-line Quizzes

    o   Interim Tests

    o   Final Exam

     Grading Policy per Grade Level

    -          6-8     (70% -Daily Grade, 30%-Assessment)

    -          9-10   (60% - Daily Grade, 40% - Assessment)

    -          11-12 (50% - Daily Grade, 50% - Assessment) 

     Pool Schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.
    Click the links below to view Physical Education Unit Plans.