E-KCS Board of Education

Image of the members of the 2023-24 Edwards-Knox CSD Board of Education
  • Pictured from left to right: Jennifer Benson-Baxter, Dr. John (Jack) Zeh, Penny Allen, Roger Tresidder Jr., Malissa Hale, Heidi Stalker, Jamie Gibson and Craig Kirkpatrick (absent Dustin Lottie)

    The Edwards-Knox Central School Board of Education is made up of nine members who serve five-year terms, except in cases where there may be a vacancy for an unexpired term. The members of the board work together to establish policies, rules and regulations. It also helps direct the administration of Edwards-Knox Central School.

    Current Members:
    2023-24 School Year

    • Penny Allen, President
    • Craig Kirkpatrick, Vice President
    • Jennifer Benson-Baxter
    • Jamie Gibson
    • Malissa Hale
    • Dustin Lottie
    • Heidi Stalker
    • Roger Tresidder
    • John Zeh

    Guidelines for Board of Education Meetings