• Office of Special Education          
             At Edwards-Knox Central School, we recognize that all students learn differently and that some students require specially designed instruction and accommodations in order to learn.  Special education provides additional services, support, programs, specialized placements or environments to ensure that all students' educational needs are met so academic progress can be made.
             If your child is having difficulty in school, first talk to his or her teacher.  Often, supports for students within regular education such as speech and language improvement services, instructional modifications, academic intervention services and school counseling can help.  If these interventions have been exhausted and your child continues to struggle in school, then your child may have a disability which affects his or her learning.  To find out, you can make a referral to the Committee on Special Education to determine if your child meets the criteria for special education classification and services based on New York State eligibility requirements.
  •   If you have questions about Special Education, please contact:
    Sherry White
    Committee on Special Education Chairperson
    315-562-8131, x25519 
    Cheryl LaPlant
    CSE Secretary
    315-562-8131, x25303