• EKCS Physical Education

    Course Syllabus


    Due to the current situation, the following are the requirements for the first 10 WEEKS of school:  Guidelines and regulation may change at any time during the school year. 

     -Masks are required for indoor PE.

    - Masks are not required for outdoor PE.

    -Students must social distance 3 feet apart based on the physical activity they are participating in.

    -Locker rooms are now open and ready to use. Social distancing and masks are required at all times in the locker room. 

    -Students are required to change as of now for PE.

    - PE class will be going outside as often as possible.  

     -Students are responsible for coming to class prepared to go outside in different weather conditions.  Please bring hoodies, jackets, hats, gloves, sweat pants.   


    Grading Policy

          2pts – On-time and prepared.

          2pts – Actively engaged and participating.

          1pt – Sportsmanship/respect, personal responsibility.

          =5pts total for the day


    Dress Code

    -          Students are required to change their clothes before and after class to receive full credit

    -          Each student is expected to bring a complete change of clothes for each class

    -          Must adhere to the school’s dress code

    -          T-Shirt/Sweatshirts only will be allowed

    -          Athletic pants/shorts and sweatpants will be allowed

    -          Footwear must be properly fastened, with appropriate support and traction

    -          While in the pool:

    -          Females must wear a one piece, tank style competitive swimsuit

    -          If a two piece is worn, students will be required to put an appropriate t-shirt on

    -          Males, are required to wear swimming trunks (no speedos)

    -          T-shirts will be allowed, but they must be snug and used for swimming (i.e. under-armor, body glove, and any other water shirt.)


    Unprepared Students

    -          Assignments for other classes will not be worked on during class

    -          If a student is unprepared 6 times in one marking period, they will automatically fail the ten week marking period

    -          If a student receives and unprepared, they will not be allowed to make-up that class




    -          Students are expected to make-up all work missed from being legally absent

    -          Unexcused absences may NOT be made up

    -          Excused absences may be made up within one full 6 day cycle, or else the student will receive a zero.

    -          Three short term medical excuses from a parent, nurse, or doctor can be accept each quarter

    -          Short term medical excuses can be made-up as long as an assignment sheet has been completed

    -          If classes are not made up, the student will receive a zero for that class

    -          If a student is out for more than three classes, it is considered a long term excuse, and a doctor’s note is needed

    -          Students with long term medical notes will have the choice to make-up the classes or complete a project in-class


    Procedures and Safety Rules

    -          No cell phones are to be used in the locker rooms

    -          Cell phones are only allowed in the gym when permission is granted

    -          Locker rooms will be locked during class

    -          Students will have 3 and a half minutes to change once the second bell have rang

    -          Students are not allowed in the storage rooms without permission

    -          No touching of equipment until instructed to

    -          Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in the gym

    -          All jewelry must be removed

    -          Foul language is not permitted

    -          Aerosol hair sprays, deodorants, or glass containers are not allowed in or around the locker rooms and gymnasiums

    -          Any personal belongings that are lost or reported stolen are not the teacher’s responsibility 



    -   Daily Grade

    -   On-time   Prepared       Actively Engaged

    -   Participation   Sportsmanship/Respect     Safety


     Assessment Grade

    -   Assignments         -  On-line Quizzes

    -   Interim Tests        -  Final Exam


    Grading Policy per Grade Level

    -          6-8 (70% -Daily Grade, 30%-Assessment, homework, quiz)

    -          9-10   (60% - Daily Grade, 30% - Assessment, quiz 10% Home Work)

    -          11-12 (60% - Daily Grade, 30% - Assessment, quiz 10% Home Work)