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    Welcome to my classroom!

    Welcome everyone. This year Pre-K through 6th grade will be using SeeSaw! All of our students will be there and if you are a parent or a legal gaurdian, you can too. The school will be in touch to help get you signed in but if you were missed somehow, contact your                                                                         child's teacher.                                                                                        

    • Reading each night with your child will significantly help improve your child's reading fluency and comprehension.

    • Playing board games will also help your child develop many life-long skills.

    Have fun and enjoy reading and playing with your child!! 

    Please contact me if you have any questions. 

     I can be reached at:


    I would like to thank all the parents for your continued support in helping your child become a better reader and writer!

     Thank you,

    Miss Brewer