• Classroom Policies


    All Classes:

    • Come to class prepared to learn. 
      • (Pencils sharpened, pen, paper, notebooks, and charged Chromebooks)
    • Respect all property. 
      • (School property, personal property, and other's property)
    • Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody's ideas or thoughts.
    • No Hats or headphones to be worn in the classroom.
    • No cellphones are allowed to be used UNLESS instructed otherwise. If you are expecting a call or text from a family member please have them notify the office.
    • Student participation in and out of the classroom is an essential element for the business courses.
    • Attendance is important! Especially for half time classes! Be sure to bring an excuse so you can have the chance to make up for missed work. 
    • Do your very best!


    Student Corrections: 

    • Corrections on Homework, Quizzes AND Tests can be made within a certain amount of days the assignment was handed back to the student.
    • If assignment was never completed or turned in, a complete one is due within 5 days, 10 late points each day. After that it is a 0. 
    • If a student is absent x-many days and it has been excused, they have x-many days to make up that work. If it is unexcused, they get a zero.  



    • Corrections due the day after it is handed back. 
    • Late Homework's ARE accepted, 15 late points every day after assignment was due, for a maximum of 3 days, after that, the assignment is an automatic zero



    • Corrections can be made within 3 days it was returned to the student after first taken.
    • A percentage of missed points will be given back to the student, usually 30-40%.
    • If the student is still dissatisfied with score AFTER corrections have been made, a quiz retake will be available for another 5 days after corrections were handed back. This quiz will be a second version: same standards/topics, just different questions. The best score will be put in the grade book.  



    • Tests normally are a "take it once and that's your grade" type of assessment. However in my class, if you do great corrections, and make an effort to learn the material, you can earn a small percentage of points back, and then have the opportunity to do a Test retake.

      ** Note: Corrections must be made first, either on your own or with me. **


    Grading Procedure:  

     For all classes, during the grading procedure I take into account:

    • EFFORT
    • PROJECTS. 

    Specific course grading procedures will be shared with students the first days of school, and will be signed in class by students and possibly at home by parents if concerns arise.