• Grading 

    Students will be assessed on snap words (formally known as sight words) and phonics skills/spelling patterns as well. They are expected to be able to read and spell their snap words “in a snap.” Reading levels will be assessed on a regular basis; the expectation for first grade is to reach a level J by the end of the year. Students will also be assessed throughout every math topic. Writing assessments will be administered at the beginning and end of each unit for comparison. The reason for assessing the students is to determine if he/she is learning or meeting the expectations for first grade. The assessments will help me gain insight into planning and guiding instruction that is appropriate for each student. The assessments will also be helpful for parents, by providing evidence of the student’s level of achievement throughout the year.


    First-grade students are expected to read each night.  Reading practice is essential for them to be successful and gain the fluency skills and experience they need. Students should read to someone at home for up to 10 minutes, nightly. Students will get a list of snap words to practice each week, as well as occasional math and/or phonics worksheets throughout the week. Homework is NOT mandatory; however, the students will be rewarded for their hard work.