Science Clip Art

5th Grade Science Topics

  • Spaceship Earth

    Day, Night, and  Earth's Rotation

    Earth's Rotation and Daily Shadow Patterns

    Seasonal Changes and Shadow Length

    Seasonal Patterns and Earth's Orbit

    Moon Phases and the Lunar Cycle

    Planets and the Solar System

    Star Brightness and Habitable Planets

    Chemical Magic

    Chemistry and Conservation of Matter

    Dissolving and the Particulate Nature of Matter

    Acids, Reactions, and Properties of Matter

    Chemical Reactions

    Gases and Particle Models 

    Watery Planet

    Hydrosphere and the Roles of Water

    Groundwater as a Natural Resource

    The Water Cycle

    Natural Disasters and Engineering

    Web of Life

    Food Chains, Predators, Herbivores, and Carnivores

    Plant Needs: Air and Water

    Decomposers and the Matter Cycle

    Decomposers, Nutrients, and the Matter Cycle

    Ecosystems and the Matter Cycle

    Food Webs and the Flow of Energy