• For this class we will be having daily lessons to assist you in your classes.  We will be working on the work from your classes with the remaining time.  There will not be a daily assignment for this class.  Please see you teacher's web page for the daily assignments. 

    You can also go to my important links tab for internet sites that will assist your child with their classes.   


    When and where to do homework

     A very common question and debate surrounds when and where to do homework.  There are as many views and opinions as people you will ask.  Most importantly you have to know your child and your situation.  Try to remember what works for you may not be best for your child and what works for one of your children may not work for others.  Your child’s teacher can be a guide in this discussion also.


    Ø     Let the child decide on the time. Some people work better right after school, some just before dinner, some right after, and some after a break after dinner.  This does not mean waiting until 10 pm.  It also can change day to day.  Everybody has a game they want to see, family obligations etc.  Just make sure there is time, and help make choices.


    Ø     Think about breaking up the time for certain people/ situations.  Some students work better in 15 minute blocks.  That is OK; again know your child and teach him/her to know him/herself.


    Ø     There will always be a debate about place and noise. Again, listen to and know your child.  Some students do accomplish more with some background noise.  The reason is that if the music or TV is on it is just one competing sound, as opposed to silence where there can be many competing sounds.  Obviously it depends on the task, person etc.  One tip I learned from a parent is to use a fan.  This provides a noise and blocks out the external sound.  Over the years I have had several students who sleep using fans in their rooms for the same reason.  Some people prefer working at a table.  Some students prefer a more private place.


    Ø     On the other hand, if you are having conflict over “the hour” have a rule that for one hour there will be no TV, phone, computer etc.  This avoids the fight.