• The resource room is a place for students to have a comfortable distraction free area in which to complete and prepare for assignments, projects and exams. Students who are scheduled in the resource room are asked to bring all necessary supplies and materials to occupy their time for the entire 40 minutes. Students are encouraged to ask for assistance and clarification on all assignments and will be provided with the appropriate testing accommodations for exams and quizzes. For this room to be successful students are asked to follow classroom rules and to respect their classmates.


    1. Bring all necessary materials with you to the room

    2. The room must be very quite during testing.

    3. Cell phones are not to be seen during the school day

    4. Tests take priority over homework

    5. unfinished test must be posted on the board and completed A.S.A.P

    6. If you come out for an exam and I am not in the room you must go to room 705 or return to the classroom.