• The SAT and ACT Exams

    These exams are college entrance tests that some colleges require. Seniors who are planning to go to college and have not yet taken or would like to retake the SAT or the ACT test should consider doing so as soon as possible. Juniors who would like to take these tests are encouraged to wait until May or June of this year. The registration deadlines and their test dates are listed below. Registration materials may be picked up in the Guidance office or you can register on-line using the link below.

    Students should carefully check the web page or catalog of each prospective college to determine whether the examinations are required.

    Arrangements for special testing situations for students with learning disabilities may be made by contacting the High School Guidance office for the proper paperwork. Paperwork needs to be filed well in advance of the desired test date for modifications. 


    Preliminary SAT (practice)




    Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

    On-line Registration

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    Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

    On-Line Registration

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