• Schooltool Parent Access Program

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Where can I access Schooltool?

    A: You can access Schooltool from a computer or mobile device with Internet access.


    Q: How often do I need to fill out an Application?

    A: You only need to fill out the application once to create the account. Accounts are carried over from year to year as long as you do not move out of the district.


    Q: What if I change my email address?

    A: You will need to complete an application with your new email address.


    Q: What if I forget my password?

    A: Simply enter your email address in the username field and click “Login”. Then click the “Forgot password?” link and follow the prompts to have your password emailed to you.


    Q: What if my contact information is incorrect?

    A: Please notify the Main Office to make changes or corrections to contact information.


    Q: What if Schooltool reflects an incorrect grade for my child?

    A: Please contact the teacher if there is a discrepancy with a grade.