Prescription Regulations
    Students with short term or chronic health conditions often are well enough to attend school, but require medication during the school hours. Medications prescribed by a physician can be given at school; however there are certain state that we must abide by. The New York State Education Department  has sent us the procedures listed below that we legally must follow for both prescription and non-prescription drugs (over the counter medications such as Tylenol, cough syrup, cough drops, ointments, etc).
    Requirements for medication in school:
    1.  The school nurse must have on file a written request from a physician in which she/he indicates how often to be given the dosage of the prescribed medication. 
    2.   The school nurse must have on file a written request from the parent to administer the prescribed medication, which is to be updated each year.
    3All medications delivered to the school nurse must arrive in the original, sealed container. The label is for identification purposes only, and does not constitute a written order form the physician. 
    4.   Medications should be delivered directly to the school by the parent or guardian.
    5.   Parents may request their pharmacists to provide two properly labeled containers of your prescription (one for school and one for at home use).