NAME OF TEACHER:  Mr. Szczepanski   


    Email:  sszczepanski@ekcsk12.org               


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Health education program is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills to help students live a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this goal, the students will learn and actively participate in a variety of health-related activities. These activities are aimed to improve their decision-making skills and help to solve everyday problems that pre - teens / teenagers might encounter. The areas of emphasis throughout the school year include physical health, social health, mental health, life skills, nutrition, safety, growth and development, sexual reproduction, Sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy prevention, puberty, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and mental health/suicide prevention. Students will gain knowledge through a variety of different learning tools such as guest speakers, technology, group activities, role-playing, presentations, projects, and active communication between the class and teacher. Our goal is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills to lead a happy and healthy life.



    GOALS FOR THE CLASS: You will:

    1.     Develop an appreciation of how you function physically, mentally, and socially so that you will be able to maintain and improve the quality of your life.

    2.    Improve your ability to make proper decisions concerning matters that affect your overall health and wellness.

    3.    Improve your critical thinking, particularly in areas affecting your personal wellness.

    4.    Be encouraged to use your knowledge and talents to help others in our society and be an advocate.


    GRADING SCALE: Your grade in health will be based upon the following:

              1. Unit tests

              2. Quizzes

              3. In-class assignments or group work

              4. Homework

              5. Lab

    The grading scale is based on the following:

              40% test

              30% Lab Work, projects in classwork

              20% quizzes, pop quizzes, bell work, exit slips

              10% Homework grade.


    CLASS MATERIALS: You are expected to bring the following to class 

    Every day!

    Ø  Health binder with loose leaf paper

    Ø  Pencil or pen

    Ø  Planner

    Ø  Composition note book.



              If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain the information from another student and to clarify that information with the teacher. If you are absent the day of a test, you should be prepared to take the test the following day (the day of your return). If you are absent for several days and you miss a test, contact the teacher upon your return to set up a time to take a make-up test. The test should be made up with in one week!

    Students will not be eligible to make up home work if they do not have a legal excuse for being absents.  



    1.     Please be on time and in your assigned seat when the class period begins. 

    2.    Please ask for permission to leave your seat and wait until you are dismissed by the teacher.

    3.    Please do not talk during class time unless you are called upon or have permission to talk.

    4.    Show kindness and respect to all people and things in the classroom. Disrespect will NOT be tolerated!  NO BULLYING!

    5.    Anyone cheating will receive a zero grade for that work. Parent(s)/Guardians will be notified and a meeting may be set up.

    6.    NO snacks or gum! Water is allowed in class but no soda, candy, chips, etc.

    7.    Cell phones must be turned OFF and out of sight at all times during class.

    8.  No pass will be given to lockers and bathrooms in the first 10 minutes of class nor the last 10 minutes of class.


    If you choose NOT to follow the rules…


    1.     Verbal Warning (ONLY 1)

    2.    Student stays after class to discuss behavior issue

    3.    Parent phone call to discuss behavior

    4.    Referral to Principal’s office or assignment of lunch or after school detention


    *** If a substitute writes your name down for any negative behavior it will result in an automatic after school detention when I return. ***


    Extra Credit:  There may be extra credit opportunities available through-out this course.