• Classroom Rules and Regulations 



    1.     Please be on time and prepared: pens, pencil, book, binder.  and in your assigned seat when the class period begins. 

    2.    Please ask for permission to leave your seat and wait until you are dismissed by the teacher.

    3.    Please do not talk during class time unless you are called upon or have permission to talk.

    4.    Show kindness and respect to all people and things in the classroom. Disrespect will NOT be tolerated! NO BULLYING!

    5.    Anyone cheating will receive a zero grade for that work. Parent(s)/Guardians will be notified and a meeting may be set up.

    6.    NO snacks or gum! Water is allowed in class but no soda, candy, chips, etc.

    7.    Cell phones must be turned OFF and out of sight at all times during class.

    8.    Questions or concerns please ask! Do not hesitate to ask questions I am here to help!