• Course Policy - Classroom Expectations


    • Class starts when you enter – you enter on time.
    • You are quiet when others are speaking.
    • You are in your seat unless otherwise directed.
    • Cell phones - see the policy in the student handbook
    • You may have water but no other food or drinks in the classroom.

     Sense of responsibility – be prepared with the following every day:  

    • Textbook
    • Class notes kept either in a 3-Ring binder or a folder.
    • Loose-leaf paper
    • A pen (blue or black ink only)  and a pencil
    • Come to class prepared to participate – assignments complete.  


    • Be respectful of yourself, others and their property.
    • No hats in the classroom, cafeteria, or the auditorium.  
    • Training – You will be trained over the next several days in classroom routine.  If necessary, re-training will be held on your time.