• Mrs. Impey's Expectations

    Mrs. Impey's Expectations:
     •  Be prepared and on time.
     •  NO personal electronic devices. 
         ~We have iPads and MacBooks in the art room for research and creating art!
         ~Bring your chromebook to class every day!
     •  Be respectful of each other & the materials.
     •  Take responsibility for the art room.
     •  Be open to constructive criticism & make an effort to grow.
     •  Students MUST have an active Artsonia account.  Artsonia will be incorporated into the reflection and grading procedures this year.
    Discipline Procedures:
     •  Students who refuse to work on appropriate class projects and / or threaten the safety of themselves or other students will immediately be sent to the office without a warning.
     •  Students will receive ONE warning about electronic devices.  The second time it is seen out, it will be confiscated and sent to the office (the daily "classroom professionalism" grade will be notated with a "C" in SchoolTool if a student received a warning).  As per the school policy, electronic devices are NOT allowed in the classroom.
     •  Students who are late to class three times within a quarter will have a referral written. 
    Make-Up Policy:
     •  Please refer to the student handbook for district make-up policies.
     •  At anytime before the end of the marking period, a student may re-do / finish an in-class project (drawing, painting, etc.) for a higher grade.
     •  Students may always come down during a study hall if there is enough room in my classroom during that period.  I will not hunt students down to make up their work, and students must get a pre-signed pass for the period.
     •  You may ALWAYS re-do or improve upon any past art project, but you MUST turn it in at least 3 days before the end of a marking period it was assigned in.
     •  If a student is absent, they will receive a "0" for their daily grade.  Art is about the process, so it is important that students are present!  They may make up the missed class time during a study hall or after school in Academic Support on Tuesdays with Mrs. Impey.
    Grading Procedures:
    Grading is going to be different this year.  Grades will be based on submission of artifacts to show a student has met the intended learning goals.  Students will do a lot of self-assessment, and will be required to conference in one way or another to reflect on their goal progress and experiences during each unit.  We are going to be focusing more on the PROCESS instead of the PRODUCT, and therefore, grades are simplified this year.  Students will be able to achieve one of four grades for each assessment/goal/graded project:

         3 (100) = Exceeds Goal

         2 (95) = Accomplished Goal

         1 (85) = Advancing Towards Goal

         0 (60) = Incomplete Goal, Insufficient Artifact

    Marking period grades will be an average of all grades achieved during the marking period.

     •  Please note that if a student is absent from class, they will receive a "0" for their daily classroom professionalism grade that day until an excused absence pink slip is brought to me AND the student makes up any missed classwork from that day, either after school or during a study hall.
    Student Supply ListPlease see each individual class page for suggested supply list.