• EXPECTATIONS:  You have entered a safe and positive learning environment.  Constructive behavior is expected.   Be responsible for yourself and your belongings, not concerning yourself with your neighbor. Be respectful of self, peers, and staff members.  Come prepared to class with all your materials and be ready to be an active learner.  Be prepared to participate in class and utilize the target language.  Be seated before the bell rings, remaining seated and silent unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  You are dismissed by the teacher, not the bell. Healthy snacks and water are permitted in the classroom as long as they do not become a distraction/disruption.  Backpacks may not enter the classroom. Student devices may not be charged in class.  Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom and will be confiscated if seen.  

    POINTERS:  If you are having difficulty with Spanish, the following pointers may be of assistance.  

    • Make and study vocabulary flash cards daily. 
    • Use word association strategies to help you remember vocabulary, grammar, and/or concepts. 
    • Do Internet vocabulary and grammar activities. {www.classzone.com, www.wordreference.com, https://quizlet.com, www.studyspanish.com. Castle Learning)
    • Ask a friend for help.
    • Practice speaking Spanish with a friend. 
    • Come in before or after school for additional help.
    • Be ready and willing to learn.  
    • Don't be afraid of teachable moments.  Dare to explore and take chances with the language and culture.
    • Know that you can learn Spanish!


    ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:  Cheating is unacceptable. Anyone caught cheating will receive a zero and/or a discipline referral. Cheating includes but is not limited to:

    • Allowing other students to copy your work.
    • Copying another student's work on tests, quizzes, homework, classwork, etc. 
    • Using a translator of any sort.
    • Plagiarism (copying text, not citing, etc.)
    •  Having someone else do your assignments for you.