• WORK:  Work is due as directed.  Assignments are to be written in pencil.  The  information listed below is to be placed on each assignment page. 
    Name: First, Last, and Spanish (in parenthesis)
    Date:  September 6, 2022 (in Spanish when possible)
    Student Identification Number:  18 (to be provided)
    Assignment Name:  Vocabulary IA


    Joe Willson (Pablo) ID#3

    el 7 de septiembre de 2023
    Days of the Week - Write (10X each)

    Please NOTE:   If a student does NOT follow the work procedure guidelines and/or requests, he/she will automatically receive a grade reduction on his/her assignment.

    If an assignment is not submitted by the due date, a grade of “0” will be awarded.   NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!

    RESPONSIBILITY:  It is your responsibility to make up all missed wordue to an absence.  An absence may occur for any of the following reasons:  illness, appointment, music lesson, extracurricular activity, and/or miscellaneous reasons.  If you have prior knowledge of an absence due to a music lesson, an extracurricular activity or appointment, inform the teacher in advance and we will make arrangements in regards to the assignment or assignments.  As in most instances, if you do not have prior knowledge of an absence, it is your responsibility to contact the teacher upon your immediate return to school. 

    Upon your immediate return to school, for each absence you will be allotted one day per absence in order to submit missed work. If the assignment and/or assignments are late, a grade of “0” will be assigned.  If you do not attempt to contact your teacher upon your immediate return to school, the teacher will assign a grade of “0” for the missed assignment and/or assignments.




    25% WORK (Homework / Daily Work, Weekly Bell Ringers)



    Midterm Exam 
    End of the Year Comprehensive Assessment