• Edwards-Knox Central School Counseling Mission Statement

    • The counseling program and the school counselors will work with parents, teachers, and administrators to provide students with the support they need to participate successfully in school.  

    • The Group Counseling format will be utilized whenever appropriate for students referred for counseling services.  Focus will be on the development of positive social skills.

    • When working with individual students a Brief Counseling model will be utilized.

    • Student who participate in the school-based counseling program will gain awareness and insight into themselves, while being taught basic skills, strategies, and methods to manage issues and concerns.

    • It is realized that those who participate in counseling do not necessarily benefit from the process.  If changes can be made within the counseling setting that will increase the likelihood of benefit (e.g. refocusing goals, extending the number of sessions, working with another counselor), they will be made whenever possible.   

    • Student with serious emotional problems or personality disorders will be referred to an outside agency, the Edwards-Knox School Based Health Clinic, or private practice mental health providers.

    Group Counseling

    • This counseling process encourages students to demonstrate appropriate behaviors as they relate to social skills.  These include:

      • Classroom Behaviors - listening, raising hand to answer, completing homework, etc.

      • Peer Relationships - making friends, joining in a group, tolerating differences, initiating conversations, expressing feelings, personal space, etc.

    • Students will be guided to practice appropriate behaviors.

    Brief Model for Individual Counseling

    • This model is an approach to counseling that does not rely on in-depth knowledge of a student's background or history.  Instead, counseling focuses on the present by addressing a specific issue or concern.  The counselor assists the student in identifying goals, strategies, and skills to cope with, or eliminate, unwanted behaviors or emotions.