• When Do You Need to See Your Counselor?               
    • If you ever feel overwhelmed and would like someone to talk to about it.
    • If you ever feel that you are not in control of your feelings.  You seem to get angry or sad really easy.
    • If you ever feel anxious or worried a lot. 
    • If you feel that you could use some academic advice.

    Your counselor is here to help you.

    • It is often hard to ask for advice.  You may feel embarrassed or nervous about talking to someone about your feelings.  Problems are easier to handle when you share them with someone.  Your counselor may be the person to talk to.  Never worry about bothering the counselor with your problems.  It is her job to help you!

    The counselor wants to help you.                       

    • Sometimes you may be asked to talk to the counselor even if you don't want to.  Perhaps you got into some kind of trouble and were sent to the counselor.  Your counselor is not there to punish you.  She is there to help you avoid getting into similar situations in the future.

    Know what you need to talk about.

    • Often students come to the counselors office to talk about a problem they have.  Before you arrive, think about what you really want to talk about.
      • trouble with school
      • something that happened that made you upset
      • something that happed with friends or family

    Be honest & open.

    • The counselor wants to help you but cannot do her job if you do not tell the truth.  Be honest about your problems.
    • It's okay to feel embarrassed or angry about your problems as long as you are honest about them.
    • It will be easier to get to the heart of the problem if you are honest.

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